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Property in Cape Verde

The booming tourism in Cape Verde has led many business leaders to describe it as the "new Canary Islands". Since it is easily accessible from Europe, its potential as a travel destination for UK and European markets is almost reaching its peak. Currently, this small archipelago receives an average of 300,000 tourists each year. So it's no surprise that the Cape Verde government is opening up the sale of different types of properties in Cape Verde.

When buying a property in Cape Verde, the first thing you will probably look at is the price. The price per acre is currently competitive, but these prices are much lower than they are expected to be in a few years time. Whether you're thinking of buying a property in Cape Verde for yourself, or if you'll looking for a property to buy now and resell later, it's best to take advantage of current prices, since they are expected to rise soon. The expected rise in the prices of Cape Verde property is based mostly on the growing number of developments and infrastructures in the country, which has increased the demand for land. It's no surprise that next to tourism, real estate and infrastructure is one of the major sources of Cape Verde's income.

Another reason why it's relatively safe to buy property in Cape Verde is due to its climate. Cape Verde weather stays almost constant for the most part of the year, and it's almost always guaranteed that your property will be exposed to warm, tropical weather throughout the year. The mix of a bustling metropolis and rural, mountainous areas also makes Cape Verde a very beautiful land to buy property in.

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